A man’s REAL value to other men.

What purpose do you serve in other men’s lives?

Friendship? Competition? Watch each other’s back?

I propose there is one paramount, over riding all-important purpose that we are meant to be to one another and that is a purpose I learned in my Sterling men’s group as a member of Men’s Division International. Our purpose to one anohter is one of “ruthless compassion”.

Ruthless compassion is a state of being. It says “no matter how uncomfortable it makes me, I’m going to tell you what I see in you, and do my best to give you the truth, regardless of how ugly, beautiful or full of consequence it is.”

Ruthless compassion is putting the value of a man’s life above his acceptance of you or his “liking” you.

Ruthless compassion is saying “I’m scared, but here’s the truth anyway.”

Ruthless compassion says “I care, and if telling you you’re fucking up hurts, that’s ok because I care too much to keep my mouth shut.”

Your gut knows whether this is true or not, doesn’t it? Be careful how much you think about it. Once you accept the truth of it, there’s no going back! Until next time, when you drink the water, remember the men who dug the well.

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