3 Choices when you want something to change

After I attended the Sterling Men’s Weekend, I joined a weekly men’s group where we met each week around a fire, in the woods, and supported each other in being the “Men We Always Wanted To Be”. Often times, one of us would bring up something about our lives that we didn’t like. Job dissatisfaction, problem with a coworker, money issues, or an issue with their children.

One of the men, who’d been in the circle for a long time brought up the THREE CHOICES that you face when something in your life is not to your liking. They are, in order of “low to high” on the purpose and power scale:

1. Bitch about it endlessly and stay

2. Accept it and either stay OR leave

3. Do everything in your power to change it.

He went on to talk about the first choice being unacceptable and how we get “mired” and stuck there. Once you are conscious of the 3 choices, you can quickly move out of option one, especially now that it has been exposed by the light of day as a very … ‘yucky’ … choice.

Now I think it’s important to mention that #2 is really quite and acceptable option in many cases. It requires strength and resolve, and often times option #3 is unavailable. So this is where the old “serenity prayer” comes in. Getting to what’s within your power to change, and having the courage to change it.

So that’s it. Short but packed with enough information and insight to at least make you sit up and say HMMMM!!

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