The Core Belief

Underlying everything we say, think and do is one basic core belief. Our belief systems are much like “pyramids” of information, each group boiling down to a smaller group, finally resulting in one, usually unbelievably simple truth. Here are some examples of underlying truths, which can also be used interchangeably at times with “context”, “core belief”, and “sponsoring thought”. The “thought behind the thought behind the thought” as God puts it through Neale Donald Walsch’s “Conversations with God”.

One core belief that that I find most fascinating and thought provoking is that “we are all one with God”. In other words, we are having the experience of being separate “people” with different skills, appearances, preferences, dreams, goals and faults. This idea of separateness is called “EGO”. I use a simple definition of Ego which is a gross oversimplification, but powerful to me nonetheless: “The Ego is that which says we are separate.” I use this definition in particular to contrast it with the “Spirit,” which says “Weare all one”.

We are all one with God implies that we are all equal in importance and worth, which is very threatening to the ego. However, we must embrace and make this belief our own if we are to survive as a happy race on planet earth. In separation lies destruction. The only logical beliefs that spring from “we are separate” are “some of us are better (and I’m one of them!)”, “one of us is the best”. Some deserve more than others, some deserve to die.

The way of the Ego also encourages focus on worldly accomplishments such as power and money OVER morals and spiritual ideals. Ego has the tool of logic, which can be used to justify any action, if the “words” are just right. In the world of Ego, he who has the best argument wins.

So the underlying core belief of this website is and always will be what I’ve called the “Universal Truth”. We are all one. God is the sum total of all of us and everything everywhere, both here in the world of the relative (up down, here there, the space that makes here and there possible, hot cold, good bad, etc.) and the world of the absolute (there is only God and he is the alpha and omega).

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