Lack and Limitation: Our Drug of Choice?

As seekers, we often use the tools of exposing commonalities–common denominators or underlying similaritie–as a means of uncovering the “truth” about “things.” What do A, B and C have in common? What always happens after X,Y, or Z happen? What does this tell us?

I’m speaking of “macro” truths here. Sponsoring thoughts, core beliefs. The big Kahunas.
I have tripped upon one common theme that runs throughout everything in our lives. I am speaking of LACK. Limits, shortages and shortcomings of all kinds. The great “Not Enough-ness.”

I would personally like to learn more about lack. Not to experience it myself, but to experience the reasoning behind the phenomena and discover a way to eliminate it in my life first, then pass it onto others.

It came to me as an “aha” recently. I realized that every thought, word and deed throughout our lives is tainted by this energy of “not enough.” I mean, we only have so long to live even if everything goes perfectly. But then there’s an underlying fear that some sort of disease or calamity will catch up with us and suddenly we’ll have even less time. We’d like to take off and travel the world, but we have to work, see mother once a week at the nursing home, have Christmas and other holidays at the family home back in the snow belt, plus our wife is afraid to fly, we get seasick, we get bored… tired, hungry, we’re completely shackled and mired by this big, heavy, wet blanket of “not enough” and “can’t.” We are inundated by shortages of one kind or another that prevent us from being, having and doing what we want to do; now and in the future.

I’ve been soaking in new age-type thought for the last 15 years or so and this subject is very powerful to me. In the context of a relative vs. Absolute model of reality, this paradigm of lack shows hints of choice and deliberation. It’s almost as if it were specially created for some purpose. Could WE have created it for some purpose as some Gurus claim? Are we simply creative Gods who made this remarkable, relative world filled with hot, cold, up, down, good, evil as our playground? Did we tire of having our desires fulfilled even as they came to us? Were we bored with being everywhere at once? Having no boundaries of time and space to constrain us? Did we forget what the light looked liked …. and so created darkness? Sounds logical, but of course, logic is often over appreciated…. but you can’t say it’s not an interesting hypothesis …

I’d love to hear your thoughts

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