Be, Do, Have: Fake it till you make it

This is a topic which I’m sure has been “done to death”. But I’m going to “be” it and “have” it to death and complete the circle. The “Be Do Have” paradigm is simply a reversal of our current mindset which is “you DO something (work, turn a dial, save) so that you can HAVE (money, prestige, different channel, more heat) which results in BEING (happy, rich, proud, warm, entertained, etc).

Many of our Gurus state that the opposite is a much more efficient, joyous way to harness this process. Simply “BE” (happy, joyous, nice, kind, etc.) and DO what comes as a natural act from that place and you will HAVE that which you desire. Steve Pavlina touches upon this in one of his articles about becoming a millionaire. He talks about walking around with a few hundred dollars in your pocket (if you’re used to carrying, for example $20-$30. Simply “DO” (responsibly and safely) what a Millionaire would do. These actions (based on the law of attraction) will attract the circumstances and opportunities to what it is you are “being”. In other words, Act as if you are rich and eventually you will be! In AA and 12 step groups, a corrollary to this can be found with the statement “fake it until you make it”.

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