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How to be a father to a daughter

What is my job as father to my daughter? I mean when I think back over our lives, I remember changing diapers, cuddling, scolding, feeding and watching her sleep in her crib with my heart ready to melt. But what … Continue reading

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Be, Do, Have: Fake it till you make it

This is a topic which I’m sure has been “done to death”. But I’m going to “be” it and “have” it to death and complete the circle. The “Be Do Have” paradigm is simply a reversal of our current mindset … Continue reading

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Law of Attraction Instruction Manual

Law of Attraction – “Instruction Manual” So here’s my take so far on how to take full advantage of the power of intention and law of attraction: There’s and outline below, but first I have decided to stick a list … Continue reading

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