Law of Attraction Instruction Manual

Law of Attraction – “Instruction Manual”
So here’s my take so far on how to take full advantage of the power of intention and law of attraction: There’s and outline below, but first I have decided to stick a list of “power facts” so to speak in a linear fashion.

Now go deep into your mind and focus on those feelings
at the expense of all other thoughts or feelings, and do it
consistently. Your ability to focus exclusively on the feelings
determines the degree to which you’ll experience your
desired outcome.

  • MUST know where you want to go (what you want vs. what you DONT want)
  • Be (and or act like) that which you want (or want to be)
  • Reach for the next better feeling (can only jump 1-2 levels at a time)
  • Must use action in the receiving. Not workaholic action, right action
  • Thought (with emotion) – Word – Action – Must be “3 for 3” to make work powerfully.
  • Act from the present moment (act now with mind in future = divided action=not work very well)
  • Not so much the action, it’s what’s behind the action (good example, saving for cool trips vs. saving for rainy day)
  • Must address fears – fears slow you down
  • Use positive intentions vs. conditions (money and time with family vs. money but ONLY if time w/family)
  • Desire should be in line with your beliefs.
  • Rule 6: Don’t take yourself too seriously. There are no other rules
  • “why” softens resistance while “how” tends to harden it.
  • When visualizing, do “from” your eyes, rather than observing self in the picture.


1. INTENTION ­ Be clear about what you want

2. ATTENTION ­ Experience the thoughts and feelings of already having
what you want, AND take the action steps to manifest your intention.

3. NO TENSION ­ Let go. Relax. Shift from being tightly focused on your
specific desired outcome to being wide open to all possibilities.
Trust that your highest good will come to you, and feel the happiness
of that.



A. specific enough to generate positive emotion (really wanting!!)
B. not so specific that negative emotion creeps in (doubt that you can really have or get it)
C. Stick with few or one thing at first
D. build of list of “wins” to help belief and allowing
E. Simple don’t give attention, thought or speech to that which you don’t want
F. DO NOT simply disregard that which you wish to change
1. Notice it, acknolwedge truth about it
2. Intend the opposite with no neg. (i.e. peace vs. no war)

Put intention out (ask, pray, visualize)

A. Visualize with emotion
B. Spend 15-30 minutes per day actively visualizing what you want
C. Visualize as if already received it and experience the emotion (gratitude) that brings up
D. Picture yourself IN the visualization, NOT observing it. HUGE difference.
E. must both want AND believe (expect or allow)
F. If no or little emotion look to see if you really want it Emotion is the engine

Stay in positive emotion territory

A. Gratitude is MOST important.
B. “correct” vibration
C. Things “work” better
D. 4 Agreements “be impeccable with your word” and “don’t assume”
E. Allow universe to give intention in its own time for the greatest good
F. discover and deal with any doubts around intentions. Notice what feels better, ragardless of how outrageous.
G. Notice synchronicities and little things that show intentions working. Noticing provides more belief
H. CELEBRATE WINS WHEN THEY COME! SO IMPORTANT! – why would you continue if you don’t have the celebration and feel great about it?

Quick Method – “set it and forget it”

A. Works best when you don’t realize you’re doing it
B. wistfully wish or think about how nice it would be to have, be, do something
C. Forget about it!! (doesn’t let doubt or “load” come into picture)

**This is the real “magic” which will make things come immediately, or very soon. Notice things you’re less “attached” to work better, like the Christmas lights, King of the Hill, etc. Surrender and Allow ….

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