Hold Daddy’s Hand: A Father’s collection of life lessons for his daughter.

Hold Daddy’s Hand
A Father’s collection of life lessons for his daughter.

Welcome: I have written a book. I’m proud of it usually. Sometimes I think it needs alot more work, but all in all…I think I did well. Here’s a synopsis that I’ve edited for this website for you.

“Hold Daddy’s Hand” is written from the viewpoint of a father desperately wanting to guide his daughter somehow and so he writes down everything he knows about life. Not just common sense rules but all sorts of observations about life, the heart, the mind and the soul. Stuff to nourish not only the financial accounts but the heart accounts. Some of it is useful in a practical way, some is “food for thought,” and a bit of it is probably just downright esoteric and useless, but maybe it will help her see something in a new light.

I’ve had a strange life. I have been a nerd, a party animal, a jock, a musician, a gas-jockey, an entrepreneur, a landlord, a loving husband and father, and sometimes I’ve even been a complete jerk. But no matter what I really am, I love my daughter, and I sure hope that when I die, I do so knowing I was a help and not a hindrance to her.

In my book I talk about a variety of things: Being yourself, drugs and alcohol, self deception, God, spirituality, magick, the law of attraction, self employment and money matters. I even include a few poems and bits of prose at the end that I wrote for her.

I have been writing on and off for twelve years and my previous works include “How to start a lawn care business a whole new way”, self-published in 2007, available on Amazon as well as www.LawnGuru.net In addition, I have written several dozen articles on my website / blog www.SomethingisHappening.org and written several pieces of music and poetry.

Download first three chapters and annotated table of contents in PDF format at HoldDaddysHand.com

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