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Merry Christmas 2018

My underlying mission here is always the same: Excavate & dust off some “bit of God” that’s become buried under our bustling lives. Illuminate something about Christmas that explains why it’s so much more powerful than just another hour at … Continue reading

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How to really see a woman. A response to “Seeing a Woman: A conversation between a father and son”, by Nate Pile

I came across an article shared on Huffington Post, about the objectivization of women by men. This post summarized a conversation a father promised to have with his son if he ever caught his son looking “inappropriately” at a woman. … Continue reading

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Merry Christmas 2017

Merry Christmas & Happy Hanukkah, I decided this year to write about something that has always struck me as beautifully perplexing. That is, how so many elements of Christmas stay the same year after year. We’re flooded with new styles, … Continue reading

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Gratitude or pride?

At fifty-one years old, I own three businesses, have written three books, played in an award-winning country band, and am blessed with having more “enough-ness” than any man could ask for. Rewind fifteen short years ago, and I was down … Continue reading

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Are you ready to die

I never really thought much about death…mow own mortality, until my Dad died a few years back.  I’m one those lucky saps who reached middle age without really losing anyone super-close.  My grandmother died a few years before, and she … Continue reading

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Let me live a little longer

This post marks a change in the way I plan to write. In the past I’ve focused on “facts” and “content” but there was something that bothered me about these writings. They seemed a bit phony and empty. Some are … Continue reading

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Choosing the path with heart: Being ourselves

Many of us fantasize about what we’d do if we could go back to an earlier age, but retain our current memories and knowledge. I think I’d work on some skills, habits, and character traits (after buying a certain list … Continue reading

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Survival Directive

So individuals, organizations, professions, even ideologies such as religions will take on what appears and functions as a “survival directive.” It will do what it needs to do to survive, similar to the traits of a single biological organism.

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Lack and Limitation: Our Drug of Choice?

As seekers, we often use the tools of exposing commonalities–common denominators or underlying similaritie–as a means of uncovering the “truth” about “things.” What do A, B and C have in common? What always happens after X,Y, or Z happen? What … Continue reading

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Using Death as an advisor

As spoken to a little boy who was having a hard time with the idea of death. So I draw a circle here on this paper and this represents everything known to you; your world. You might think that we … Continue reading

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